Safety for Caregivers

Safety for Caregivers

Top Tips and Advice

Once you’ve completed your profile on the Need a Sitter App, it’s important that you respond to potential Families through the app. Never share your direct, personal contact information, especially at this stage. You can communicate directly with prospective Families inside the Need a Sitter App ensuring your personal information remains hidden.


Before connecting with a family to babysit, it’s important that you vet out the Family first and build a rapport through the Need a Sitter App. If the Family feels like a good fit, arrange a phone call or a meet and greet. The interview process is just as much for you as it is for the family! Both parties want to find a mutual connection and be the ideal fit for one another.


When meeting with a family for the first time, make sure you arrange to meet them in a safe, public space. Consider a playground or a coffee shop! This will help you get to know the Family before arranging to babysit in their home.


Before babysitting, ask for a tour of the home and of any relevant safety information that may be required. For example, you might ask where the family keeps their first-aid kit and flashlight, whether there is a landline for emergency calls or if there is a security alarm or special keys required to enter and exit the property.


Make sure you plan a safe and smart way to and from a job. Never accept a ride home with any individual you suspect may have consumed alcohol or drugs.


If you feel hesitant or uncomfortable to babysit in the evening hours, set your availability for daytime hours only.


Never accept a job you feel uncomfortable managing. Rather, connect with Families that share similar values and communicate the tasks and responsibilities you are comfortable completing.