The 7 Reasons Need a Sitter Families Hire a Pet Sitter

Pet Sitters using the Need a Sitter App frequently take care of cats, dogs, reptiles, guinea pigs and even the occasional barnyard animal while their owners are away.

The most common reason to hire a pet sitter is to ensure the care of the family pet while the family is away; however, there are many other opportunities to work as pet caregiver and to provide love and safety for pets.

According to one study, the top reasons families book a pet-sitter include the following:

The family is away from home on vacation. (98 percent)
The family is working long work hours. (82 percent)
The family has a special event to attend. (66 percent)
The family pet requires medication at a specific time when the family can’t be home. (63 percent)
The family has brought home a new puppy and wants extra care. (63 percent)
Someone in the family is sick, perhaps requiring hospitalization. (58%)
The family is a senior that could use an extra hand. (58 percent)

By understanding the reasons families reach out to pet-sitters, Pet Sitter Caregivers on the Need a Sitter app can better position their profile explaining the variety of opportunities to engage a Pet Sitter. Once you work with a family, gently remind them that you are available even when they are not far from home to assist them throughout the week and help to take care of their pet.

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