5 Safety Tips for Hiring a Sitter (Babysitter or House Sitter)

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5 Safety Tips for Hiring a Sitter

(Babysitter or House Sitter)

These are our best tips and recommendations for selecting a babysitter with the Need a Sitter App for iOS and Android.


Review the profiles of available sitters. Be sure to read their reviews and see their reliability rating. We encourage families connecting with a Sitter for the first time to ask for references and ensure they are checked, prior to arranging a meet and greet. Ask yourself, “Are the families this sitter has supplied similar to my family? Are the kids he or she has cared for in the same age category as my children? What kind of responsibilities and duties is he or she experienced at and comfortable with managing?” As with any hiring process, it’s important to be thorough with your background research!


Prepare a list of interview questions for the interview or meet and greet! Here’s a sample list here. {LINK TO SAMPLE LIST} By preparing before you meet a new Sitter, you’ll be sure to consider a full range of questions to get to know a potential Sitter and to determine if he or she is the ideal fit for your family.


Arrange a time to go through your interview questions either over the phone or during a meet and greet at a public place like a playground or coffee shop. Have a good set of questions ranging from responsibilities to activities – this will help you determine which Sitter stands out as the best candidate.


Set up a trial run. Following the meet and greet, consider arranging a short trial run to see how your child and the Sitter get along. Seeing how your child and the Sitter interact first hand can be a big help when making your final decision.


Trust Your Instinct. If you come across a potential Sitter who has a remarkable babysitter resume, as well as great references and thorough answers for each of your interview questions, and yet for some reason something about the candidate just feels “off,” don’t ignore your feelings, trust your gut and continue to interview candidates until you feel confident in your selection.